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Sea kayaking & Exploring between Volcanoes (2 Days)

sea kayaking and hiking Todos Los Santos Lake , in spring



Program Sea kayaking Todos Los Santos Lake:

Day 1:
At 9 AM we will meet at your hotel in Puerto Varas and start driving to the east , in the southern shore of Llanquihue Lake, the second biggest in Chile . This is a very scenic trip with spectacular views of Osorno volcanoe (2652m) right in front Llanquihue lake, and to the south , Calbuco volcanoe (2100m).

After passing Ensenada town we will be entering Vicente Perez Rosales National Park , the oldest in Chile . The history says that this lake was discovered by the Jesuist in 1670 the Day of All The Saints and meaning in spanish " Todos los Santos " .

sunrise at Todos Los Santos Lake
Before we start , our guide will offer the group a complete safety talk about our float plan and then a general practice of strokes and rescue. After all this we will load our kayaks with all the gear we need for our selfsufficient seakayak trip.

We will start were Petrohué river born , paddling in the emerald waters of Todos Los Santos Lake , located at the foot of the tremendous size Osorno volcanoe and as we paddle great views of Puntiagudo and Tronador mount , in the border with Argentina.

The idea is to be close to the coast so we can pay attention to every detail , like the huge trees that grows close to the water , or to try to see or catch the sound of the birds or see any animal, like probably the pudu (the smallest deer in the world), a fox , or a waterfall, or....

In the afternoon , swim, snorkelling in submerged forest , rest , go for a short trek exploring between the forest and finally campsite enjoying the view of the Andes in front of us and the southern cross.

Snorkelling Todos Los Santos Lake

Day 2: Early breakfast and start paddling to Santa Margarita Island (weather permitting).

seakayaking between islands in Todos Los Santos Lake

Stop for a lunchbox , relax, enjoy the sound of the chucao bird (chucao tapaculo) and keep paddling facing the enormous Osorno volcanoe until Petrohue , load our gear in the van and drive to visit los Saltos de Petrohue , impressive waterfalls amidst volcanic rock formations. Return to Puerto Varas (afternoon).

Saltos de Petrohue


  • Transportation in private vehicle from your Hotel in Puerto Varas to Petrohué and back to Puerto Varas.
  • Visit Saltos de Petrohue (Petrohue Waterfalls) / entrance ticket not included.
  • Seakayak equipment:
    Double seakayak with original rudder, seakayak paddles , lifejacket , sprayskirt and paddling jacket
  • Complete Safety Talk ...before the trips starts.
  • All the food according to the following detail: Day 1: Box-Lunch, Dinner / Day 2: Breakfast , Boxlunch .
  • English speaking seakayak guide , certified by the British Canoe Union of England as a BCU 4STAR Seakayak Award with NOLS Trainning and certied as a Wilderness First Responder.
  • Satelite telephone, VHF marine radio , celular telephone, chart , satelite photo.
  • Snorkelling equipment (diving mask).
    * It´s not a proper diving activity (like scuba diving) , it´s just enjoying getting underwater with a mask
  • Limited insurance while seakayaking (chilean company)

    * Ask for your recommended Gear List. 

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Level Active travelers and suitable for everyone with adventurous spirit inlcuding beginners


Lakes District
Duration 2 days

* 1 Day
* 3 Days
* 4 Days, including trekking till Termas del Callao Hotsprings.

* 6 till 7days

When All the year

every day

Price Please Ask
Details of the trip Starts and Ends in Puerto Varas
Numeber of participants 6 participants
Climate climate
Photography Opportunities

*Scenic driving from Puerto Varas to Ensenada enjoying beautiful views of Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoe. Once the trips starts... magnifiscent views of the other side of the tremendous size and proximity of ice-capped Volcano Osorno and 2 more volcanoes , the Puntiagudo and Calbuco plus Tronador Mount located in the border with Argentina..but mainly the emerald waters of the Todos Los Santos lake surrounded by huge virgin rainforest...

- Ringed kingfisher, neoptropic cormoran, variety of ducks, chucao tapaculo, cinclodes, chimango caracara, southern crested caracara, ringed kingfisher, fox

* Saltos de Petrohué (Petrohue Waterfalls)


*Scenic driving close to the southern shore of Lanquihue Lake

*complete sea kayak safety talk including sea kayak rescue simulation before paddling.

*snorkelling submerged forests.

* soft trek

* Visit Saltos de Petrohue, waterfalls amidst volcanic rock formations

Other Trips
in the area
(Not included)

Seakayak trips in the area:

* Northern Patagonia Fjords of Pumalin Park (4,6 days)

* Todos los Santos Lake (1-3 days)

* Reloncavi Fjord (1-3 days)

* Chiloe: Churches and Nature : (Penguins and kayaking wetlands of Chepu River)
(2 Days)

* 2 Days Cochamo: Seakayak Reloncavi Fjord and Horseriding Cochamo Valley

Suggested Gear Please Ask
How To Get There
Private vehicle from YAK EXPEDICIONES

Todos Los Santos Lake , Nautical Chart

kayaking facing Tronador Mount , border with Argentina


More photos of this trip (some of them in winter):

kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

Weather conditions can change ...so we gave to be ready to adapt to the new situation .

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina

sea kayaking todos los santos lake close to Argentina


  • To know how to swim. 
  • Contemplative attitude and respect for the nature and local people. 
  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Understand that this is team activity in the outdoors and the participation of each person at each stage is fundamental.  
  • Don’t expect everything to be perfect or predictable, but do expect to have a great time! 
    Always try to do your share of the work in a group.
  • You'll find your trip even more enjoyable if you remember to bring flexibility and a sense of humor with you.
  • Note: We must mention that the success of this type of trip is subject to the weather as well the personality of the person, therefore an adventure spirit and good disposition will be fundamental.

  • Before the trip you must send by fax the  Release of Liability form signed.
  • Send the Reservation and Medical Forms that appear after you press the RESERVATION button (at the end of this program)
  • To have read and clearly understand the General Conditions section.  

  • The trip has been planned with the consideration of those without less experience.
    Before we start paddling,  we will have a complete discussion and practice session in the beach covering rescue procedures and paddling strokes in order that our participants feel more confident during the trip and can really enjoy the navigation. 
  • To improve the safetyness of our customers, we will travel with satelite telephone, VHF radio and celular telephone, flares , a very experienced long expeditions seakayak guide also certified as a BCU 4 Star by the British Canoe Union , use very stable and confortable seakayaks imported from Germany and Canada , doubles and singles. The decision of how many singles and doubles will depend on the guide according to the real experience of the members , weather conditions and of course the characteristics of the trip/area.
  • Probably we can expect some windy conditions and waves during the navigation that can modify the itinerary depending on the group and weather conditions.Please check the General Conditions section.
  • You have chosen Patagonia , a place where the weather is unpredicatble, so we can have sun but also rainny days , very relaxing days but also windy conditions.
  • The trip will take place even if it rains.
  • Please consider one extra day just in case weather problems or others situations that we can´t control.
  • We will paddle aprox. 4-5 hours/day , with stops in between.
  • (Note that some of the photos were taken during our Winter trips)

Note: This trip can be modified depending on weather and group conditions.
Some of the photos in this program are from our trips during the winter.


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:

- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that each participant has to send us back by email


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