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Horseriding & Trekking in Puelo River Valley (3 days)

Puelo River Valley trips

General Information


Why Puelo River Valley ?

The only way of knowing this isolated and unique corner of Patagonia is by horse.

This river connects Puelo Lake in Argentina with the town of Puelo in Chile , flowing north to the Reloncaví Fjord , the first fjord in Patagonia.

In Southern Chile close to the Pumalin Park there is a valley where the crystal waters of Puelo river runs till the Pacific Ocean coming from the Andes. Along it´s way it enters and leaves the beautiful Tagua-Tagua, Azul, las Rocas, and other smaller lakes.

On this trip you are invited into the house of local pioneers to experience their way of life. There are some river crossings which are great fun.

What do we offer ?

An exclusive journey into the rural Guaso culture.

Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an old way of life in Patagonia.

Just us on the way - nice to get off the main tourist trail.

A horse trip of great scenic beauty that is suitable to all riders from novices to experienced horsemen.

A trip that combines adventure, some challenge and multicultural experiences amongst a marvelous and authentic scenery in the Northern Patagonia area of Chile.

We bring you directly into this pure, unspoilt wilderness through a scenic landscape situated in the heart of the Andes , only 15 km from the border with Argentina

A trip for  travelers who wish to experience more than just the beautiful sights by promoting interaction with the local culture

Tagua Tagua Lake Crossing

Waterfall in Tagua Tagua Lake

Level Active participants who are keen to explore this natural Andean magnificence on horseback and trekking.


Northern Patagonia
Duration 3 Days
Time of Year

All year , upon request


Please Ask

Trip Details Begin/Ends in Puerto Varas
Number of participants 6 persons
Lodging 2 nights with local gaucho (huaso) family house
Itinerary Itinerary
Climate Weather in the zone
Photography Opportunities
* Chilean gauchos
* Temperate rainforest
* Puelo river
* Reloncavi Fjord
* Verdant landscape
* Fishermen villages
* Cochamo 1901 wooden church
* Tagua-Tagua Lake

(not incuded)

Other trips in the area:

*Seakayak Mechuque Archipielago in Chiloe.(5days)

* Northern Patagonia Fjords of Pumalin Park (4,6 days)

* Todos los Santos Lake (1-3 days)

* Reloncavi Fjord (1-3 days)

* Discover Cochamo Valley horseride and Hike ( 1 Day)


* Scenic driving bordering Reloncavi Fjord and inside Puelo river valley
* Horseriding trip
* Authentic interaction with local people and their day by day way of living
* Boat trip downstream Puelo river

Suggested Gear Please Ask
How to get to Puerto Varas ?


Fly to Santiago airport and then fly 1.5 hours to Puerto Montt airport , then take a 30 minutes taxi to Puerto Varas


DAY 1 :
(Puerto Varas
- Reloncavi Fjord - Puelo River Valley)

Petrohue river meetin the Pacific Ocean , born of Reloncavi Fjord in Patagonia
The very beginning of Reloncavi Fjord

After meeting at your hotel in Puerto Varas at 8AM we will start a scenic driving close to the southern shore of Lanquihue lake, with wonderfull views to the north east of the huge Osorno volcanoe (2600m) and to the south east Calbuco volcanoe (2100m) , passing the village of Ensenda and then turning south east , close to the Andes range following Petrohue river till Ralun village , where this river meets the Pacific Ocean

 Reloncavi Ford and Yates Volcanoe
Scenic driving in the coastline of the Fjord

We will continue driving always in the eastern coastline of Reloncavi Fjord , the first fjord in Patagonia , with magnifiscent wiews of Yates volcanoe (2000m) , we will pass Cochamó village , drive till Puelo river , turn east until we arrive to Tagua – Tagua Lake,  a gorgeous combination of dense forest, rivers, a huge waterfall and very steep mountains as we are getting in the heart of the Andes , everytime closer to the border with Argentina.

Time for pic-nic before crossing the lake to the other side using a small ferry boat that also accomodates sometime people, horses, buses and cars

Tagua Tagua Lake Ferry Crossing

Continue driving enjoying this special valley till we arrive to the shore of the Puelo river where we will have to take a small boat to cross the river to the other side where the horses will be waiting for us , pack all our stuff and ride for aprox 1 hour till the house of one authentic gaucho (baqueano or huaso) located in a small hill with a spectacular view of the Puelo river. In this trip we will be invited to sleep in the house of our local horse guide and experience his way of life talking to them , listening their stories , time to relax and visit their property with horses and sheeps until time to share dinner with the family and.. good night. ( BL-D)

DAY 2 :
( Horseriding in Puelo River Valley - Pasarela Bridge

Good morning and after a tasty breakfast a recuperating rest and more stories with the local family we will start our horseriding guided by our new local friend through forests of coigue , ulmo and canelo trees , some easy river crossings will be needed , until we arrive to the section known as La Pasarela (bridge) near the community of Primer Corral, where we will stop for a picnic lunch , go for a hike , swim, rest and then strat our way back to our new house..

Puelo River

Puelo river crossing

Puelo River at the Pasarela (bridge) near the community of Primer Corral

DAY 3 :
( Boat ride downstream Puelo river - Reloncavi Fjord - Puerto Varas)

After and breakfast , with all the memories in our mind , is time to return , but this time we will go to the river where a motor boat will take as downstream puelo river to meet with our vehicle to start our way back navigating Tagua Tagua lake and back to Puerto Varas , but first stop we will stop at Cochamo villlage with time to visit it´s beautiful 1901 wooden church, have lunch and keep going to your hotel in Puerto Varas (aprox. 5 pm).

kayaking till  Cochamo village
1901 wooden Inmaculada Concepción Church in Cochamó village

  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed. 
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Positive attitude in front of unexpected situations.
  • You'll find your trip even more enjoyable if you remember to bring flexibility and a sense of humor with you.  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate some risk. 
  • The program could be modified at any stage due to weather conditions or sudden incidents that could affect the security of the group 
  • Before trip starts you must send us signed the Release of Liability Form. and the Reservation and Medical Forms that appears after you press the Reservation Button.
  • To have read and have a clear understanding of the Terms and Conditions section.

    NOTE: It is important not to bring unnecessary gear in order to protect the horses.

  • SMALL GROUPS, maximum of 6 (safety and respect for the environment and the local people) 
  • Authentic interaction with the local people we meet in the area.  
  • Private transportation from / to your hotel in Puerto Varas.
  • Motor boat navigation in Puelo river (day 1 and day 3)
  • Tagua Tagua Lake ferry crossing
  • Saddle horses
  • Transportation in private vehicle from Puerto Varas to the point where we initiate our adventure and return to Puerto Varas.
  • Food according to program
    B: Breakfast / BL: boxlunch (picnic) / L:lunch / D: dinner
  • Consider that each family has their own animals and greenhouses so vegetables will be very fresh.
  • Safety Equipment: Satellite Telephone, direct telephone lines through 2-way VHF radio links.
  • Friendly local gaucho (huaso) horseriding guide , with a great knowledge of the area, that will look after you.

    * The horseriding trip is done by an expert local who has been riding horses all his life and now he is showing his land to more people.

Note: We must state that the success of this type of trips is subject to unexpected weather and personal situations, so an adventurous spirit and good disposition will be fundamental.


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email.


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